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Blog Tour Kregel: Book Review/Giveaway: My Pop-Up Bible Stories. Ends Aug 31st

My Pop-Up Bible Stories retold by Juliet David; illustrated by Daniel Howarth

About the Book: With a pop-up scene on every page, children will cherish this selection of favorite stories from the Old and New Testaments. From the moment Baby Moses is found floating in a basket among the bulrushes to Jesus’ stilling of the storm, children will be captivated by Daniel Howarth’s remarkable illustrations as each story pops off the page.

My Review: There are five well known bible stories included in this pop-up book. Each story short and brief making is easy for young children to read. Read how Moses became a prince of Egypt, how God rescued Daniel from the lions, how Jesus brought a girl back to life, how the shepherd found his lost sheep and how Jesus stopped a storm. Each shot stories included a scripture reference for extended bible reading.

Each story has a pop-up illustration that helps not only tell the story but brings it to life with its vibrant color scenes.

FTC Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from Kregel Publications in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion in any way.

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Book Review/Kregel Blog Tour: God Helps Me Bible by Juliet David.


God Helps Me Bible by Juliet David; illustrated by Clare Caddy

About the Book: Specially designed for very young children, the God Helps Me Bible features a spiral binding that allows the book to lay flat on a table, floor, or lap, which leaves little hands free to turn the pages and point out fun details in Clare Caddy’s darling illustrations.

The twenty-five favorite Bible stories use words and concepts tailored for the youngest reader, so each story clearly emphasizes how God loves and helps His world and people.

Pages: 104
Size: 4.7 x 6.85 inches
Ages: 1 to 3
Published: 2012


My Review: God Helps Me Bible by Juliet David is a unique bible for young children that contain 25 stories from the Old and New Testaments. The best loved bible stories are retold to help younger readers understand how God helped the main characters in the story. Stories like Noah and his great ark and how God helped Noah and his family escape the flood, how God helped Joshua destroy the great city of Jericho and how Jesus helped the little girl come back to life.

I understand the author had to select a few stories from the bible but one important story that was missing was the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God did use him to save the world.

The God Helps Me Bible is the perfect size bible for younger readers with its hard cover and sturdy pages. Any child will like taking it with them to Sunday school or read during morning devotion. The book is not only colorful and has bold pictures that helps bring the stories to life, but the text is easy to read. I liked that it has scripture references at the end of each story.

Overall, it is a well written book that would capture the attention of any child.



FTC Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from Kregel Publications in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion in any way.

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Book Spotlight and Givaway: World of Ink Tour for CIXI: The Dragon Empress Ends Nov 30th

About the Author: Natasha Yim

I was born half a world away, in the crowded, steamy city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My most vivid memories of that time in the 60’s are of my dad yelling out our first story apartment window to scare away a car thief who was trying to make off with our automobile; a burgler who apparently came to lighten us of some valuables, but stopped to eat a papaya from our fridge (we found a half-eaten papaya on the floor the next morning); and the ghost I saw in my bedroom one night – but that’s another story.

When I was five, we moved to Singapore, a carefully-manicured city of cleanliness and order. Under its then-ruler, Lee Kuan Yew, even chewing gum was a no-no, and men were forbidden to have long hair. It’s such a small island, one could practically spit to the opposite coast — if spitting was allowed, that is.

Then at ten, it was on again to Hong Kong. No, my dad was not in the military. He was just a roving architect. Actually, the moves were for better job opportunities and then to be closer to my mom’s family in Hong Kong. Here, I attended a very Harry-Potteresque British high school, said ‘to-mah-to’ instead of ‘to-may-to’ and thought it cool to pepper my speech with ‘Bloody Hell.’ You see, schools in Malaysia and Singapore back then were taught in English, and my mom had to decide if my education should continue in English or in my native Cantonese (which wasn’t so native anymore because of said education in English), and she finally decided that I had enough to deal with (new school, new friends, new country) without having to learn in a different language.

Much as I disliked secondary school and all the stuffy authoritative teaching attitudes, it was here in Mr. Harry’s (Yep, that was his name. I’m not making it up) First Form English class (roughly seventh grade in the American system) that I got turned on to writing. Our assignment was to create an island and make up its towns and landmarks, including mountains and rivers. It was my first experience at creating an imaginary world and it was a blast.

In 1979, I came to California and attended Dominican College (now Dominican University) in San Rafael, a small liberal arts college just north of San Francisco. I began as a Psychology major, but wanted to pursue my love of writing and graduated with a B.A. in English Literature with a Writing Emphasis. Then it hit me. Unless I was as prolific and successful as Stephen King, I’d better have a backup job. So, I went back to psychology, and received my M.S. in Counseling Psychology in 1986, also from Dominican.

Most of my work career has been in counseling or social work. I worked in residential treatment centers, group homes, and finally, with Mendocino County Child Protective Services before I left to take care of my growing family full time. Along the way, I’ve written articles for regional and national magazines and newspapers, and Otto’s Rainy Day.

Now, as a mother of three young children, finding the time to write is like finding a needle in a haystack. But I plug away — one word at a time, in between diaper changes, gymnastic classes and soccer practices. And who knows? My next published book just might be born on the sidelines of a soccer game.

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CIXI: The Dragon Empress by Natasha Yim and illustrated by Peter Malone


Book Blurbs:

Cixi, The Dragon Empress: The last empress ofChina, Cixi fought ruthlessly to isolate her country from the West, while cloistered inside her lavishForbidden City, ignoring the needs of her people. But was the Dragon Empress evil or just out of touch?

Gorgeous illustrations and an intelligent, evocative story bring to life a real dastardly dame whose ignorance brought a centuries-old dynasty crashing down, ending the imperial system that had ruled China for millennia.

Ages: 9 – 13

Pages: 28

Title of Books: Cixi, The Dragon Empress

Publisher: Goosebottom Books

ISBN Numbers: Cixi, The Dragon Empress: 978-0-9834256-5-6

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Twitter URL : http: I, I natashayim

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World of Ink Schedule for Natasha

Follow this tour to its next stops Yim.


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Winner is Heidi Grange

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