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Mymcbooks Birthday Library Has Moved!

Mymcbooks Birthday Library Program has moved from Mymcbooks Blog to

Time to sign your child up to receive a free book for his/her birthday.

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Mymcbooks Birthday Library Giveaway.


  Connor reading his birthday book


Landen having fun time reading.



Big Brother reading to Jude


Gordon getting ready for bed but needed to read a couple of pages.


Elijah is busy reading  


 Genesis enjoyed reading her book.



Mymcbooks Birthday Library Giveaway. Registration still going on! 

To register

Please READ the note on the website before you fill out the registration form.

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New: Mymcbooks Birthday Library Giveaway – Registration starts June 1st, 2011

As of July 1st, 2011 Memorable Children Books & Gifts (MCBG) is starting a new program called ‘Mymcbooks Birthday Library Giveaway’. For the first few years, as long as MCBG is still in operation, we will be giving children celebrating his/her birthday age 2 -5.  1 book for their birthday each year until they turn 5 years old. 

We will register children on first come first served basis. When the child turns 6 years old, they graduate from the program. We will give their spot to the next name on our list. Books are free to family, regardless of income.

To apply you must be a full time subscriber or follower of Mymcbooks Birthday Library Blog

We will pull your child’s name from the program if we find out subscribers or followers  only signed up to register their child and then unsubscribe.

This program is FREE and you will never receive a bill from Mymcbooks. This program is funded by Mymcbooks with donation from publishers and authors.

If you have a change of address please email us at

Please send us a photo of your child receiving or reading the book to for our website. This is to show and encourage others the important of reading. If you feel that you do not want to send a photo that is okay, just let us know on the form below and we will still send out a book to your child. 

Each month, a new age-appropriate book is mailed to the child at the home address provided on the registration form.

The book should be received within 1-2 weeks

At this moment we can only ship within the USA.

This program benefits parents and children – You will build your child’s vocabulary, enhance their learning and prepare them for success in school.

To register please fill out the application below. If you want the book sent to the child’s address fill out the child’s address.
copy and paste the comment in bold BELOW to the comment field and press send.

“I would like to register my child/nephew/niece in order for him/her to participate in Mymcbooks Birthday Library Giveaway program”.

Thanks and welcome to Mymcbooks Birthday Library Giveaway.

Ella Johnson, owner of Memorable Children Books & Gifts

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