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Book Review: Picture Perfect #4: Between Us


About the Book:  Being one half of a BFF heart necklace is serious business—and in the Picture Perfect series, each story tackles a tough friendship challenge. Through the ups and downs of life in middle school, through braces and boy bands, family feuds and fashion disasters, your best bud is there. But what happens when friendship suddenly gets complicated? Tween readers will adore these sweet, accessible stories about the power of friendship.

Bailey Broadwell and her best friend, Olivia, are going to have the greatest year ever in middle school! Bailey has it totally figured out. All they need to do is follow her foolproof list of ways to make sixth grade epic. But Bailey’s plan doesn’t include her aunt and cousin Hannah unexpectedly moving to town.

Though Bailey hasn’t seen Hannah since they were little, she sets out right away to make her cousin feel welcome. And right from the start, Hannah and Bailey seem to enjoy similar things. Only, it’s a little strange how Hannah likes everything that Bailey does. And it’s weird when Hannah starts joining all the clubs that Bailey’s in. Soon, she starts dressing like Bailey. And agreeing with everything Bailey says!

Bailey tries not to let Hannah’s copycat behavior bother her, until it seems like Olivia and the rest of Bailey’s friends like Hannah more than her. How can Bailey have the best school year ever if Hannah is taking over her life?




My Review: Bailey and her best friend Olivia planned on having an epic first year of middle school. Their plan was to go to the mall and check out what the 7th and 8th graders are wearing. Then shop! Start getting up at time you need to get up for school. Eat breakfast so that their stomach wouldn’t grumble. Smile at people and more.

She was set for middle school, until her mother told her that her cousin Hannah and aunt are coming to stay. Bailey promised her mom to help Hannah fit in and plan to make her feel incredibly welcome. She planned on giving her the tour of the school, take her to S&I for ice cream, introduce her to her friends, take her to the mall and many more. When Hannah turned up, Bailey started to enjoy Hannah’s company enjoying similar things. After awhile, Hannah started to dress like Bailey, joined the clubs she’s in and agreeing with everything Bailey says. It soon done on her that Hannah was a copycat, and that all her friends likes Hannah more than her.  Bailey needs to come up with a plan before Hannah take complete control of her life.

A book every middle school grader will love to read, full of fun and will appeal to young girls.



FTC Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from HarperCollins in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion in any way.



About the Authors: Cari Simmons and Melinda Metz

Melinda Metz: Melinda Metz is the author of over sixty books for teens and kids, including the YA series Roswell High (based on the TV show Roswell) and Echoes. Her middle grade mystery Wright and Wong: The Case of the Nana-Napper (co-authored by the fab Laura J. Burns) was a juvenile Edgar Award finalist. Melinda lives in Concord, North Carolina, with her dog, Scully, a pen-eater like the dog who came before her.







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  1. Sounds like another great book in the series. Middle school girls definitely get jealous if their friends start liking someone else more.

    Comment by Brenda | July 4, 2016 | Reply

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