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Book/Author Spotlight: Bridget Wilder: Spy-in-Training #1


About the Book: Middle school meets Mission Impossible in this hilarious tween series about a girl whose life is turned upside down when she discovers her father is a superspy.

Up until Bridget’s birthday, the most exciting moment in her life was when Dale Tookey maybe, sort of smiled at her one time. But that was before—before she found a mysterious gift bag at her doorstep, before she was transported to a covert CIA agency called Section 23, and before she became Bridget Wilder: Spy-in-Training. Now Bridget’s busting boys out of detention, being chauffeured by a talking car, and infiltrating the popular girls’ clique to steal secret codes, all while under cover as a semi-awkward middle school girl. But will she be able to keep up with her new action-packed life while hiding it from her family and friends? And what if Section 23 is keeping secrets of its own?

It is no secret—Bridget Wilder: Spy-in-Training is the start of an explosive new series packed with gadgets, humor, and, best of all: girl power.





About the Author: I am the author of Bridget Wilder: Spy-In-Training.
Bridget Wilder is an adequate daughter, an unexceptional student and a mediocre friend. She’s just found out she’s also the biological daughter of one of the world’s most lethal and notorious spies, the legendary Carter Strike.

Now Bridget lives in two worlds. One, where her family forgets her birthday and so-called class clowns call her Midget Wilder to her face. And another world, where she’s trained by a covert CIA department to become a fast, smart, fearless ,gadget-toting secret agent who’s tough enough to take on the most fearsome of bad guys.

How many secrets can she keep? And how many secrets are still being kept from her. When you’re a a spy-in-training, do you ever really know who you can trust?


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