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Book/Author Spotlight: The Alchemy of Reality. A short story collection



“The Alchemy of Reality,” by Andy Echevarriais a collection of ten short stories in the suspense genre.

Join us on the ride through a kaleidoscope of mystery and intrigue. In these ten tales of suspense, the lines between fact and reality blur, challenging one’s notions of everyday life. Eerie, poignant, and at times inspiring, this collection of never-before-seen stories will transport you to a world where the supernatural abounds alongside the banal, and nothing is what it seems…


TAXI: Michelle looks on with horror during her work break at the yellow taxi that rides along the street—the same one from the day before. She cannot shake the unease she’d felt during the ride home. Just who is the mysterious driver? And why had he targeted her?


CRYSTAL BALL: Nathan had always wanted the shiny crystal ball that he’d seen at the window-shop the week before while with his mother. She promises to get him the ball…but on one condition. Would you be able to keep his promise? Is this crystal ball somehow magical? Perhaps, there’s more to it than meets the eye…


THE MAGICIAN: Jack was—and is still—known as the most gifted magician in the entire Midwest. But a car accident left him with only one arm, and he struggles to regain the talent he once had. Then he meets a figure who promises to make his career great again…at a price.


DEAD ASLEEP: Beset by nightmares, Susan consults her doctor, who recommends she try lucid dreaming. At first it seems like a good idea, but then the lines of reality become blurred and the world around her unravels around her… It will soon be a decision she regrets…


DO NOT TRESPASS: Dolan is driving home after his grandmother’s funeral. It would be the strangest ride ever…maybe even his last… The question he keeps asking is, Am I alive? Did I perhaps die? For soon, along this particular road, he will arrive at the crossroads of life and death, where he will be forced to question his own sanity, and try to unravel the mystery of his own existence. 


BLACK EAGLE: Larry has been taking care of his wife, who’s stricken with cancer, for the past three years. Sometimes, he sees a black eagle hovering over the sky on nights that he spends with her beside her, near what will ultimately become her deathbed. Is there a deeper meaning to the bird? What hope is there in these final days of life for his beloved, if any?

ELEVATOR: Ryan is unable to shake from his memory the awful encounter with the ghost the night before. Now, as he rides up the elevator on the way to work, he believes the ghost has come back to haunt him. Or, could this all be a dream?


THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR: The elevator is out of service, and Tim is forced to endure a climb of thirteen flights to his apartment. Unfortunately for Tim, a lot of things can happen on the way up…as he comes face to face with evil for the first time in long time. Soon he will learn that sometimes the ghosts of yester just never die…


THE BRONX IS BURNING: 1979’s New York: A rash of fires haunts the Big Apple. In the borough of the Bronx, one citizen has his own theory about the recent burning down of several edifices. But, as will soon be discovered, the fire starter isn’t your usual criminal—with motives that are, ultimately, for the good of the city.


WUNDERKIND: An eleven-year-old chess genius has plans to become the world’s strongest player for his age group as he enters the 3rd Annual Junior Tournament. He gets more than he bargained for when he meets his long-lost brother and the mother he’d never known.

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  • File Size: 501 KB
  • Print Length: 209 pages
  • Publication Date: January 4, 2016



About the Author: My work has been featured with The Horror Zine, SNM, and Aphelion, among other publications and e-zines, and in various anthologies. My main interest as a writer is in the horror and thriller genre, though I am a huge fan of humor, and some of my stories often have comedic elements. When I’m not writing, I enjoy old-time radio plays, nature, as well as exploring the nooks and crannies of the many diverse neighborhoods of my native—born and raised—New York City.


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  1. This really sounds interesting and hair raising 🙂 I would love to read it. Thasnks for spotlighting the book.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot ) com

    Comment by carol L | March 10, 2016 | Reply

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