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6th Annual Spooktacular Giveaway Hop. Ends October 31st


Welcome to Spooktacular Giveaway Hop

October 15th – 31st

Hosted by I am a reader, not a writer

There will be 1 winner for this Hop USA ONLY

Prize Pack is 2 books


Spook Friends


The 13 Nights of Halloween


The Graveyard Book Vol 1


The Pumpkin Patch


List Your Selection of  any 2 Books in Your Comment below.

Giveaway Rules


There will be 1 winner

This Giveaway is Open to the USA

Winner will be selected by

Giveaway Ends October 31st

Comments like these would be deleted – Great contest, please enter me, Love to win this! This is so cute!

Mandatory: Leave a comment below. Leaving a helpful comment relating to these books would be appreciated and valid to the giveaway.

Please HELP promote this Hop on your blog, twitter or facebook etc. Thanks.

Giveaway Guidelines and Disclaimer  

Winners are selected via Random and notified by email. You have 48 hours to respond;

If no response, the prize is forfeited and an alternate winner is chosen.


To win more books please check out the other OVER 150 blogs taking part by clicking on the link below to enter more goodies.

Spooktacular Giveaway Hop – 2015 – Sign Ups

This giveaway close at midnight on October 31st and the winner will be selected at and post Nov 1st  2015.

This Giveaway Has Ended

Winner is #24 Jeanna Massman


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  1. Spooky Friends & The Pumpkin Patch would be 2 books I would love for my grandkids to read!! And wouldn’t it be nice…if instead of candy…we handed out books for Halloween 🙂

    Comment by Ronda Six Garnett | October 14, 2015 | Reply

  2. While I love Neil Gaiman, I would prefer the other books for my children. It’s always hard to get Halloween books at the library once Halloween rolls around. I like that you included a coloring book too. I think that can be enjoyed by all ages, as proven by all the Adult coloring books.

    Comment by alyn | October 14, 2015 | Reply

  3. All but Gaiman’s book look like books I could use in my classroom and Spooky Friends looks cute. The Gaiman book I’d read for myself. I’d probably choose Spooky Friends and 13 Nights of Halloween.

    beasbooknook ATgmail DOT com

    Comment by Bea @Bea's Book Nook | October 14, 2015 | Reply

  4. Such a wonderful selection of books for the season! I could see my kids enjoying Spooky Friends and The 13 Nights of Halloween 🙂

    Comment by Kristie | October 14, 2015 | Reply

  5. Halloween is upon us with Thanksgiving and Christmas on its heels. My son loves Halloween books and we just saw Hotel Transyvania 2 in the drive in theatre, great movie. He would enjoy reading The 13 Nights of Halloween and Spooky Friends. Happy Halloween Ella! your1chef@aol dot com

    My son loves Halloween stories and would enjoy reading The 13 Nights of Halloween and Spooky Friends. We just watched Hotel Transyvania 2 at the drive-in theatre, great movie. Happy Halloween Ella! your1chef@aol dot com

    Comment by Christine A. | October 14, 2015 | Reply

  6. I’d choose The Graveyard Book & The 13 Nights of Halloween for my grandchildren – hopefully not too scary for bedtime reading! I love Ronda’s idea above of handing out books instead of candy – we usually have about 100 trick or treaters so I’d have to have a LOT of books!

    Comment by tmy56 | October 14, 2015 | Reply

  7. All of these look so sweet. Anything by Gaiman is great and Spooky Friends looks so cute. I wonder if it’s illustrated?

    Comment by Laura Thomas | October 14, 2015 | Reply

  8. I would choose The Graveyard Book (vol. 1) and Spooky Friends. I loved the novel form of The Graveyard book and am anxious to read the graphic novel.

    Comment by Wehaf | October 14, 2015 | Reply

  9. I would choose The Graveyard Book Volume 1 (big fan of Neil Gaiman) and The 13 Nights of Halloween (because it seems to have a Nightmare Before Christmas kinda vibe to it).

    Comment by rsbrandt44 | October 14, 2015 | Reply

  10. I would choose Spooky Friends and The 13 Nights of Halloween.
    They both look spooky and cute!

    Comment by Natasha | October 14, 2015 | Reply

  11. The Graveyard book and Spooky Friends!

    Comment by Shauna Buck | October 15, 2015 | Reply

  12. My daughter is 5 and just now learning how to read! These books would be wonderful to give to her. Thanks for the chance!

    Comment by Kimmy Ripley | October 16, 2015 | Reply

  13. I would go with The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (I think my oldest son would enjoy it) and the Perfect Pumpkin Patch coloring book. We’re all about Halloween in our house. We actually already out The 13 Nights of Halloween and love it! We’re always looking for new books, so thanks for the opportunity to win! And..Happy Halloween!

    Comment by Kate Newton | October 16, 2015 | Reply

  14. I would choose the The 13 Nights of Halloween and the The Pumpkin Patch books. I think my daughter would really enjoy them.

    Comment by Nicole Lancaster | October 16, 2015 | Reply

  15. Spooky friends ad the Perfect pumpkin patch would be my choice

    Comment by Allyson Bossie | October 17, 2015 | Reply

  16. i think I would choose The Thirteen Nights of Halloween and Spooky Friends! Thanks for the chance!

    Comment by nikkilerae | October 17, 2015 | Reply

  17. They say to never judge a book by it’s cover but I can’t get over how cute The 13 Nights of Halloween looks. My daughter would probably select Spooky Friends.

    Comment by Mad Woman | October 17, 2015 | Reply

  18. My daughter really likes Neil Gaiman books so I know she would like to read The Graveyard Book.

    Comment by Mia J | October 18, 2015 | Reply

  19. Halloween is big in our house. My daughter loves to read and loves monsters so these books are perfect for her.

    Comment by amy c | October 19, 2015 | Reply

  20. I have one set of granddaughters who take a part in Halloween and another who do not I thin that we would love to read the Graveyard Book by Neil Gailman for my older preteen granddaughter and I believe that my youngest would love the coloring book “The perfect Pumpkin Patch ( she also has grown pumpkins in the past, (did not turn out too well, but she has an idea of what it takes to have pumpkin patch. Thanks for including us in your wonderful books,

    Comment by Dorothy Teel | October 19, 2015 | Reply

  21. Spooky Friends & The 13 Nights of Halloween would be my picks!

    Comment by Madison G | October 19, 2015 | Reply

  22. I am a teacher who is now homeschooling my own three young children. I love to see the newest themed releases to use in our classes. This selection is great for a variety of ages!

    Comment by Maureen | October 20, 2015 | Reply

  23. I love reading to my kids, and a couple of these books look perfect!

    Comment by Michelle J. | October 21, 2015 | Reply

  24. I would choose Spooky Friends and The 13 Nights of Halloween. They both look like books my grandson would love.

    Comment by Jeanna Massman | October 22, 2015 | Reply

  25. I would choose Spooky Friends and The Thirteen Nights of Halloween. I’d love to read these to my great niece and great nephew. They are toddlers and are excited about Halloween 🙂

    Comment by Jan Lee | October 23, 2015 | Reply

  26. Any of these books, if won, will be used as awards for the summer reading program as I donate books to the local library for that purpose.

    Comment by Nadine | October 23, 2015 | Reply

  27. Well now, those are nifty little titles. I do believe i would choose THE 13 NIGHTS OF HALLOWEEN and SPOOKY FRIENDS… Thank you for the chance!

    Comment by grgenius | October 23, 2015 | Reply

  28. I’d pick The Graveyard Book and The 13 Nights of Halloween. The Gaiman for me and The 13 Nights of Halloween for my Grandsons.

    Comment by BookAttict | October 24, 2015 | Reply

  29. I would pick the books The Graveyard Book and The 13 Nights of Halloween. I would give these to my nephew who loves to read.

    Comment by Susan Smith | October 24, 2015 | Reply

  30. I would pick The 13 Nights of Halloween and Spooky Friends. These both look like good books to read.

    Comment by Dan Denman | October 25, 2015 | Reply

  31. These look like such cute books. I would choose The 13 Nights of Halloween and Spooky Friends.

    Comment by Heather B | October 26, 2015 | Reply

  32. I would pick Spooky Friends and the Perfect Pumpkin Patch. These look like two that my 5-year-old granddaughter would really enjoy.

    Comment by dianeo | October 28, 2015 | Reply

  33. I love that one of the options is a coloring book-that is such a fun idea! I think my kiddo would love it if I picked Spooky Friends and The Perfect Pumpkin Patch coloring book. She loves pumpkins and she loves coloring, so that would be a huge win. Thanks for including children in the giveaway, it’s hard to find good giveaways for childrens books

    Comment by marciclark88 | October 28, 2015 | Reply

  34. These would be wonderful books to add to our collection. I would choose The Pumpkin Patch and The 13 Nights of Halloween.

    Comment by Julie Waldron | October 28, 2015 | Reply

  35. We have a 5 year old granddaughter, I really think she would like Spooky Friends and The Perfect Pumpkin Patch. She loves to dress up for Halloween and just went to my company’s Halloween party, so this would be a great followup for her.

    Comment by justwin4once | October 28, 2015 | Reply

  36. This was a difficult choice. All four books are wonderful. If I should win, I would to have The Graveyard Book and The 13 Nights of Halloween. I noticed The Graveyard Book is the graphic novel version. Both my children love graphic novels (and so do I). Since my son continues to have great difficulty reading, and thus, is a reluctant reader, I’m always thrilled to find anything that encourages him to read. The 13 Nights of Halloween looks as if it would appeal to both children, as well, but would be at a level that my son could read without too much difficulty. Thank you for continuing to locate books that appeal to young readers and families. michelle_willms at yahoo dot com

    Comment by Michelle Willms | October 29, 2015 | Reply

  37. Tough choice but I would choose The 13 Nights of Halloween and The Graveyard Book Vol. 1 :)! Thanks so much for such a fun giveaway and awesome books my son would be beyond thrilled with any of them :)!

    Comment by Stephanie Grant | October 29, 2015 | Reply

  38. spooky friends and 13 nights of halloween

    Comment by amyred82 | October 29, 2015 | Reply

  39. Getting children interested in books is the start to becoming lifelong readers and learners. My husband and I have 12 children ranging in age from 23 years old down to 4 years of age. They all are readers because I would put books in their crib as a baby. I would read to them every nightand we get a stack of books from the library every week. I love to see the excitement they have for books ! Spooky Friends and The perfect Pumpkin Patch would be perfect for us. Thank you for the opportunity to help us promote strong readers in our family.

    Comment by Deanne Patterson (@cnnamongirl) | October 29, 2015 | Reply

  40. Its so hard to find good childrens books my munchkins love to read but we have almost exhausted the library where we live and my 6 yr old hasn’t figured out you have to bring the books back so would be awesome to get them some for their own so even if i dont win i will be using your recommendations as a list of things to buy for my kids if i ha dto chose if i won id chose The Graveyard Book Vol 1 and or The Pumpkin Patch since i have kids of both age groups thank you for this great give away !

    Comment by Beverly Gordon | October 30, 2015 | Reply

  41. I think my nephew would love The 13 Nights of Halloween and Spooky Friends the most. The 13 Nights of Halloween has terrific reviews and seems to be sing song like the 12 Days of Christmas song.

    Comment by Carolyn Daley | October 30, 2015 | Reply

  42. I would love the Graveyard book. I think my son would love reading that one!!!

    Comment by Brenda Elsner | October 31, 2015 | Reply

  43. The Perfect Pumpkin Patch & Spooky Friends would be my choice. All the books look great. My grandson enjoys going to the pumpkin patch near his home.

    Comment by Nicole Sender | October 31, 2015 | Reply

  44. I would choose The 13 Nights of Halloween and Spooky Friends. They look like cute books for kids.
    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

    Comment by Linda Kish | October 31, 2015 | Reply

  45. Would love to win this for my nieces and nephews.
    They look like really cute books.
    Thanks for the chance

    Comment by Nicole Ortiz | October 31, 2015 | Reply

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