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Book Review/Giveaway: The Wishing Well. Another Weaver Tale. Ends Feb 17th

The Wishing Well Another Weaver Tale

The Wishing Well Another Weaver Tale by Kai Strand

About the Book: Molly Minstrel is treated worse than Cinderella by her mom and sisters. When Molly meets the magical creature, Unwanted, she wishes her problems away. However, you must first understand what you need before knowing what to ask for. Molly will have to look within for the solution to her troubles.

My Review: Meet modern day Cinderella, Molly. She is the youngest of three sisters. Her mother Gert and her sisters Hannah and Eva treat her as if she is their maid. She is made to do her chores twice and treated as an outsider.

While out and about with her friend Riddle, Molly came across an ugly blue creature from the stories she has heard known as Unwanted. Before Molly could ask Unwanted any question, they are interrupted by the other children and he disappears. Molly told her friend Riddle that Unwanted was real and that he is the little blue creature who grants wishes.  Molly wish will be for her mother and sisters to be nice to her. Will Molly get to see Unwanted again and ask for a wish? All she wanted was for her family to be nice to her. A Cinderella story without the prince but a lesson for every kid including the parents.

A great read for kids ages 9 – 12

Pages: 104

FTC Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion in any way.

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  1. A retelling of the traditional Cinderella story will intrigue children and Molly’s wish of wanting her family to be nice to her will have kids feeling empathy for her. I hope Molly gets to see unwanted again!

    Comment by tmy56 | January 30, 2014 | Reply

  2. It sounds as if this book could carry several lessons between its covers. I love books that are not only engrossing reads for my children, but also teach them lessons. My son has such a hard time choosing right from wrong (though he admit to knowing the difference). Books such as this could show him the power of positive behavior.He also doesn’t understand the concept of empathy. Perhaps this could help him with that, as well. michelle_willms at yahoo dot com

    Comment by michellewillms2013 | January 31, 2014 | Reply

  3. Sometimes we all think we lead a Cinderella life and this book – The Wishing Well Another Weaver Tale by Kai Strand and the story of how Molly and her friend Riddle get the blue creature Unwanted to turn her family back to what they were. This sounds like a good be careful what you wish for story.. cause you never know what might happen

    Comment by Dorothy Teel | January 31, 2014 | Reply

  4. I was excited to hear you were giving away a copy of The Wishing Well by Kai Strand as well as reviewing it. This is one on my to-be-read list, and I would be excited to win it! I love the idea of taking fairy tales we read to our youngest children and rewriting them for our elementary school aged kids. Great idea! Thanks again!

    Comment by Margo Dill | February 1, 2014 | Reply

  5. I also read, reviewed and enjoyed Kai Strand’s middle grade fairy tale, “The Wishing Well.” I think we none of us tire of the Cinderella story of going from rags to riches or having a fairy godmother grant your wishes. I used the Cinderella theme at a Woman’s History talk about how many women wait for a prince to solve their problems, instead of accepting the challenge themselves. In this story, there is no prince. There is magic, but it’s tied to a hope and dream that we all fundamentally share — that our families will get along and will love and support us unconditionally. Thanks for the opportunity to comment. Wishing Kai much deserved success.

    Comment by pennyannecole | February 1, 2014 | Reply

  6. My 3rd graders would enjoy reading this fractured fairy tale, which is what I will be teaching about very soon! I think this would be a great story, looking at the cover of the book!

    Comment by susanlulu2013 | February 2, 2014 | Reply

  7. Sounds like an interesting twist on the Cinderella story! I always love a book with a lesson! 🙂

    Comment by Kristie | February 3, 2014 | Reply

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