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Black History Month 2013 Giveaway Part 2. Ends Feb 28th

The Ear

The year is 2174.  The place is Zimbabwe, Africa.  Three adventurous children escape their parents’ heavily guarded mansion to explore the dangerous world outside.  They soon learn how dangerous it really is.  Tendai, the oldest boy, is their leader, although he worries about being brave enough. Rita, his sister, is an expert at starting fights.  Kuda, his little brother, is willing to try anything. They are quickly enslaved in a plastic mine ruled by the terrifying She Elephant and her army of vlei people. Vlei people have been living in the dump so long they look like piles of trash.  The children flee them to find new perils.  They are pursued by the Ear, the Eye and the Arm, detectives hired by the children’s parents, who always seem to arrive too late. The worst danger of all lies at the top of the Mile High MacIlwaine, a hotel so tall that it sways like a tree in the wind.  For up there are not merely humans, but spirits whose aim is to devour the souls of Zimbabwe.

The Scrapyard

The Scrapyard Detectives. The Scrapyard Detectives are on the case! Join Robert, Jinn and Raymond as they solve the mysteries that affect their community, and learn valuable lessons about teamwork and diversity.

Separate, but Not Equal

A moving history of the struggle of African-Americans for equal education rights from colonial times to the present.

Giveaway (US ONLY)

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Giveaway Ends February 28th

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Winner is #5 – Lily K


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  1. The ear, the eye and the arm sounds really interesting. I almost skipped over it because it is such an odd title. When I think of futuristic stories they always seem to be centered on the US. Sometimes I forget that it’s just a small chunk on the map. It would be cool to see how other parts of the world see the future.

    Comment by Cherese Vines | February 26, 2013 | Reply

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