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Book Review/Giveaway: 2012 Fall Collection Titles from Sylvan Dell Publishing. Ends Oct 30th

Animal Helpers: Wildlife Rehabilitators Written by Jennifer Keats Curtis

About the Book: Like humans, animals can get sick or hurt. People see doctors. Pets have veterinarians. What happens to wild animals when they are injured, become ill, or are orphaned? Often, wildlife rehabilitators are called to their rescue. This photographic journal takes readers “behind the scenes” at four different wildlife rehabilitation centers. Fall in love with these animals as they are nursed back to health and released back to the wild when possible. This is the first of a photographic series introducing the different ways and the many people who care for a wide variety of animals.

My Review:  When wildlife animals become orphaned and injured, it is the job of the rehabilitators to care for them. In this book the photographic images will show how they care, feed and nurse them back to health. They use a special milk to feed young mammals like raccoon and use beak like tweezers to feed some birds. The rehabilitators also return animals back to their native environments.

The last few pages of the book compare and contrast rehabilitators and veterinarians, tell if animals are orphaned or just left alone? Take part in the teaching activities on questions and answers, interactive quizzes and more.

Solar System Forecast Written by Kelly Kizer Whitt & Illustrated by Laurie Allen Klein

About the Book: Freezing temperatures, scorching heat, and a storm bigger than planet Earth is just some of the wild weather you will encounter on your trip through our solar system! Get your fun facts along with your forecast for each major planet, as well as the weather on dwarf planet Pluto, and Saturn’s moon Titan. Any child with an interest in space is sure to love Solar System Forecast, and parents will love the educational “For Creative Minds” section in the back of the book. Get ready for some out of this world fun with Solar System Forecast!

My Review: Time for the solar system forecast. If you plan to leave the house today please note that the solar system forecast hot, cold, windy, calm, rainy, dry, cloudy and clear weather. And because Mercury is close to the Sun it will get up to 800 degree weather. It’s going to be a windy day in Neptune as winds goes up to 1,500 miles per hour. While on Earth where it’s cold at the poles and warm at the equator, avoid the western Atlantic Ocean today where a hurricane is raging. And that’s today’s solar system forecast by green-skinned TV weather alien.

This is a fun and interesting learning picture book for children. Read about the solar system compare and contract, learn about the heat and the light from the Sun and many more. I highly recommend this book for classroom teaching.

The Tree That Bear Climbed Written by Marianne Berkes & Illustrated by Kathleen Rietz

About the Book: Everyone knows about the house that Jack built, but this is The Tree That Bear Climbed. What makes this tree so fascinating to bear? Starting with the roots that anchor the tree, this chain of events story in cumulative verse explores many different things that help a tree stand tall. It also lends itself to further discussion with fun repetition and detailed picture clues, stimulating a child’s curiosity. Why does the bear climb the tree and what happens when he arrives at his goal?

My Review: The Tree That Bear Climbed is a rhyme book with repetition that allows children to remember every word.

“There are the roots that anchor the tree that bear climbed.” “This is the soil that feeds the roots that anchor the tree that bear climbed.” “This is the rain that waters the soil that feeds the roots that anchor the tree that bear climbed.”

There are 4 pages of learning activities where children can learn about the basic needs of plants, plant body part, how plants and animals interact and Hands On: Plant Experiments. Great illustration by Kathleen Rietz which helps brings this story to life. I highly recommend this book for classroom teaching.

A Warm Winter Tail Written by Carrie A. Pearson & Illustrated by Christina Wald

About the Book: Do you ever wonder how animals stay warm in the winter? Well, they wonder how humans do too! In a twist of perspective, wild creatures question if humans use the same winter adaptation strategies that they do. Do they cuddle together in a tree or fly south to Mexico? Take a look through an animal’s eyes and discover the interesting ways animals cope with the cold in this rhythmic story.

Desert Baths Written by Darcy Pattison & Illustrated by Kathleen Rietz

About the Book: All animals bathe to keep their bodies clean and healthy. Humans might use soap and water, but what do animals, especially those living in dry climates, do to keep clean? Darcy Pattison and Kathleen Rietz team up again to explore the desert to find out how snakes, spiders, and birds bathe. This surprising book teaches children about hygiene and how some exciting desert creatures manage to stay clean without the help of soap and water.

The Most Dangerous Written by Terri Fields & Illustrated by Laura Jacques

About the Book: Dangerous animals from all over the world gather for the Most Dangerous Animal of All Contest. Snakes, spiders, sharks . . . who will the winner be? Deadly poison, huge teeth, razor -sharp horns, and fearsome feet are just a few of the ways that animals kill. Predators mean to kill. Prey simply defend themselves. And yet, the unexpected most deadly-animal doesn’t mean to harm at all!

Sylvan Dell Publishing

Award-winning picture books that integrate Science, Math, and Geography . . . hardcover and paperback plus read-aloud eBooks with Spanish

FTC Disclosure: I received a review copy of these books from Sylvan Dell Publishing in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion in any way.

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  1. WOW! What amazing books. My sons even stopped to read what I was reading. Isak wants The Most Dangerous. He loves learning about dangerous animals. He even wants to work in a zoo. Isak really likes Desert Baths. I love them all.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

    Comment by Mel Bourn (@MelCamino5) | October 8, 2012 | Reply

  2. Oh my goodness, the cover art for The Most Dangerous is the scariest thing I’ve seen – which mean my grandkids would love it LOL!
    And since we live where there is usually quite a bit of snow in winter, A Warm Winter Tail would tell us how animals in our area survive winter.

    Comment by tmy56 | October 8, 2012 | Reply

  3. Our family’s first book choice is A Warm Winter Tail. My Dad had a pet Fox for 10 years…
    We called her Foxy Girl and she was so sweet and lovable! Our second book choice is
    for The Tree That Bear Climbed! We love the cover and my boys love to climb trees.
    Many thanks, Cindi

    Comment by windicindi | October 8, 2012 | Reply

  4. The Tree That Bear Climbed is my first choice. I’m a sucker for books with bears in it. My second choice is A Warm Winter Tale. What a cute story for explaining to children about science,

    Comment by Laurie | October 8, 2012 | Reply

  5. My 1st choice is the Most Dangerous because shark week is one of our favorite weeks. We also love the reptile house at the zoo. The second book I would choose is a Warm Winter Tail, this is a great book for teaching my class about how animals stay warm in the winter.

    Comment by Kelly Ann T. | October 8, 2012 | Reply

  6. The Most Dangerous by Terri Fields looks like a book my students would enjoy. Put the word dangerous in it and they would pick it up instantly, add that cover and it’s a surefire thing. A Warm Winter’s Tail looks like a fun book as well.

    hg195 at yahoo dot com

    Comment by Heidi Grange | October 8, 2012 | Reply

  7. A warm winter tail and solar system forecast both sound great. We love to learn about nature.

    Comment by domestic diva | October 8, 2012 | Reply

  8. All of these books sound so wonderful but I think my choices would be Animal Helpers: as my grand daughter will no doubt grow up to be a person in this field and Solar System Forecast because I love to engage my grand children in science so they are aware of their environment.

    Comment by BlessedElement-Grace (@Blessed_Element) | October 8, 2012 | Reply

  9. wow all of these books are great educational tools, but I think Solar System Forecast & The Most Dangerous would be most used in our classroom

    Comment by lisa | October 9, 2012 | Reply

  10. All these books are wonderful, I would like to choice Animal helpers wildlife rehabilitators and Solar
    system forecast. Thank you for nice giveaway.

    Comment by happygrape2 | October 9, 2012 | Reply

  11. I enjoy reading the kids fun learning books. Desert bath is a book the kids would enjoy reading, since they are big into baths one night and showers the next. The Tree that Bear climbed looks like a great book to show the process of how plants grow. The bear is a plus too! Each book would be great to have since all of them teach wonderful lessons. Thanks. your1chef at aol dot com

    Comment by your1chef | October 9, 2012 | Reply

  12. I love any books that teach children how to respect all animals and how to keep the environment safe for animals too. One of my grandsons would love The Most Dangerous and my granddaughters would love Animal Helpers: Wildlife Rehabilitators. They all look like really great educational books.

    Comment by Mary Dailey | October 9, 2012 | Reply

  13. What a great selection of educational books about animals and nature. I would pick The Most Dangerous and A Warm Winter Tail. We just saw a fox while out driving, so I know my boys would be thrilled. to read these books.

    Comment by Maryann | October 9, 2012 | Reply

  14. Hi Ella, Thank you for the opportunity to participate in 2012 Fall Collection Titles from Sylvan Dell giveaway
    I love to give a good book as a gift,
    My niece and my nephew love to visit the zoo, we love animals, I usually imitate voices or imitate animal sounds for them when I’m reading a book about animals, we enjoy it so much,
    All these books look great, my choices would be:
    1.The Tree That Bear Climbed for my nephew, he’ll be three years old next november 6
    2. A Warm Winter Tail for my niece, she’s eight years old

    Besides, they are learning english as a second language, so It would be very helpful for them

    Comment by Jany PG | October 11, 2012 | Reply

  15. Books that have animals in them are always a plus for my students. The covers alone would draw the attention of my 1st Graders What a wonderful addition they would make to my classroom library.

    Comment by Barbara K. | October 11, 2012 | Reply

  16. What a generous giveaway Ella. All educational books . I’d pick The Most Dangerous because the scarier the better with one of my grandsons and The Tree That Bear Climbed because my their grandson loves Bears. Thanks again for the giveaway opportunity.
    Carol L

    Comment by Carol L | October 14, 2012 | Reply

  17. They all sound wonderful, so it’s hard to choose just 2! I’m sure if I were to win, my kids would really enjoy The Most Dangerous and a Warm Winter Tail. I think my children will find them both very interesting 🙂

    Comment by Kristie | October 21, 2012 | Reply

  18. My daughters both love animals so I think they would choose animal helpers and the tree that bear climbed.

    Comment by Larissa Brunken | October 22, 2012 | Reply

  19. My son wants to be a scientist, so he’d love to read Solar System Forecast. My daughter could benefit from a rhyming book like The Tree That Bear Climbed.

    Comment by AEKZ2 | October 23, 2012 | Reply

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