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Book Review: The Donkey That No One Could Ride written by Anthony DeStefano

The Donkey That No One Could Ride written by Anthony DeStefano.

About the Author: Bestselling Christian Author – Anthony DeStefano
The bestselling author of A Travel Guide to Heaven (Doubleday, 2003), Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To, (Doubleday, 2007), and The Invisible World (Doubleday, 2011), Anthony DeStefano has a diverse background in business and media. After attending Stuyvesant High School in New York City, he graduated summa cum laude from St. John’s University in Staten Island with a degree in Philosophy/Theology. He then started a successful chain of electronics retail stores in New York. During this time he also worked as a regular op-ed columnist for the Staten Island Advance.

In 2003, Anthony’s first book, A Travel Guide to Heaven, was published by Doubleday, as well as Random House Audio, Transworld Publishers in the United Kingdom and a host of other major publishing houses in Europe, Asia and South America. The book was a runaway bestseller and has been published in 16 different languages.

Anthony has received many awards and honors from religious communities throughout the world. In 2002, he was given an honorary Doctorate from the Joint Academic Commission of the National Clergy Council and the Methodist Episcopal Church for “the advancement of Christian beliefs in modern culture.” The commission is made up of outstanding Evangelical, Orthodox and Protestant theologians and educators.

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About the Book: Tell the Easter Bunny to hop aside!

Biblical scholars and theologians agree it was no accident that Jesus chose a lowly donkey to carry him into Jerusalem. But how did the donkey feel about that? In The Donkey That No One Could Ride, best-selling author Anthony DeStefano weaves a tale of the transforming power of faith as seen through the eyes of that familiar yet little-examined donkey. And what a tale it is!! With breath-taking illustrations by New York Times bestselling artist Richard Cowdrey (illustrator of the Marley and Me series), DeStefano writes of a weak and useless donkey whose life is changed forever after meeting Jesus and learning that all things are possible if only he believes. Children and adults will be able to relate to this charming story about the ultimate “underdog”, and Christians looking for an Easter book that goes beyond chocolate bunnies and dyed eggs will be absolutely thrilled.

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My Review: The book starts with Luke 19:28-38 about Jesus journey into Jerusalem sending two of His disciples ahead to bring Him a young donkey to ride into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

The Donkey That No One Could Ride tells of a young, weak and small donkey. He was so weak that he could not carry anything on his hide. When children try to ride him he wobbles and tumble and fall. He could not haul stones, carry rich men with their big bags of riches or pull a cart. He was so sad and cried all the time. Until two men appeared and untied him and took him to Jesus. When he got to where Jesus was, Jesus told him that it was his destine to carry Him into the city. The donkey couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He was hopeless, his back is somewhat crooked and his legs aren’t strong enough. Then Jesus said to the donkey

“My help is enough;
It’s all that you need,
It’s all you require in the life to succeed.
The weaker you are, the more strength I give.
I’ll be there to help you as long as you live… (You will need to buy the book and read the rest).

This is a great book for the family to read together at Easter. It renews your hope and faith in God, knowing that He is always there to help you no matter what. The illustrations by Richard Cowdrey are so real with cool colors which bring this story to life. The tears from the donkey’s eyes look so real. I highly recommend this book.

“Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!” “Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!”

Pages: 32

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FTC Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from Harvest House Publishers  in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion in any way.


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The Donkey That No One Could Ride

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