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Giveaway for Mymcbooks Blog Mothers. Ends May 19th, 2012

Its Mymcbooks Blog Mothers Giveaway.

You have entered giveaways for your children, grandchildren to win books.

Now its your time to win some great books for yourself.


The First Law: A Novel by John Lescroart – New York Times Bestselling Author of The Oath.

Prodded by his father, Glitsky asks the new homicide lieutenant about the case, but the brass tells him in no uncertain terms to stay out of it. Guided by the Patrol Special — a private police force supervised by the SFPD that is a holdover from San Francisco’s vigilante past-the police have already targeted their prime suspect: John Holiday, proprietor of a run-down local bar, and a friend and client of Dismas Hardy…….

Wicked Prey by John Sandford – #1 New York Times Bestselling Author.

For twenty years, John Sandford’s novels have been beloved for their “ingenious plots, vivid characters, crisp dialogue and endless surprises” (The Washington Post), and nowhere are those more in evidence than in the sudden twists and shocks of Wicked Prey.

Out of Lucas Davenport’s past comes a psycho nursing a violent grudge. But why go after Davenport for revenge when Davenport’s young daughter is so close-and so vulnerable?

Hammerjack by Marc D. Giller

In this dark, futuristic thriller, Marc Giller defines the cutting edge of suspense with a relentless tale of murder, techno-terrorism, and a conspiracy one man is driven to uncover—even if he must undo reality in the process….

They ride virtual waves of code and pirate high-tech secrets to sell to the highest bidder—they are faster and smarter than your security system, and are only too happy to show you by how much. They are hammerjacks, and the rewards of their profession are second only to the sheer rush of what they do. Cray Alden was once one of them. Now he’s a corporate spook chasing down the information traffickers who’ve turned business into all-out war.

The Janson Directive: A Novel by Robert Ludlum #1 Bestselling Author.

“One of the world’s greatest men has been kidnapped.” “Nobel laureate, international financier, and philanthropist Peter Novak – a billionaire who has committed his life and fortune to fostering democracy around the world through his Liberty Foundation – has been captured by the forces led by the near-mythical terrorist known as the Caliph. Holding Novak in a near-impenetrable fortress, the Caliph has refused to negotiate for his release, planning instead to brutally execute him in a matter of days.” “Running out of time and hope, Novak’s people turn to a man with a long history of defeating impossible odds: Paul Janson.   

Giveaway Rules


There will be 2 winners

The first winner will receive The First Law and Wicked Prey

The Second winner will receive HammerJack and The Janson Directive

This Giveaway is Open to the US ONLY.

Winners will be selected by

Giveaway Ends May 19th.

Comments like these would be deleted – Great contest, Please enter me, Love to win this!, This is so cute!

Mandatory: Leave a comment about the books below. Leaving a helpful comment relating to this book would be appreciated and valid to the giveaway.

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Open to U.S Residents. No PO boxes, please.


This Giveaway Has Ended!


Winners are #5 – minaob &  #6 – Brionna


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Christian Comic Books


Books cost $3.99 each 

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Book Review/Kregel Blog Tour: God Helps Me Bible by Juliet David.


God Helps Me Bible by Juliet David; illustrated by Clare Caddy

About the Book: Specially designed for very young children, the God Helps Me Bible features a spiral binding that allows the book to lay flat on a table, floor, or lap, which leaves little hands free to turn the pages and point out fun details in Clare Caddy’s darling illustrations.

The twenty-five favorite Bible stories use words and concepts tailored for the youngest reader, so each story clearly emphasizes how God loves and helps His world and people.

Pages: 104
Size: 4.7 x 6.85 inches
Ages: 1 to 3
Published: 2012


My Review: God Helps Me Bible by Juliet David is a unique bible for young children that contain 25 stories from the Old and New Testaments. The best loved bible stories are retold to help younger readers understand how God helped the main characters in the story. Stories like Noah and his great ark and how God helped Noah and his family escape the flood, how God helped Joshua destroy the great city of Jericho and how Jesus helped the little girl come back to life.

I understand the author had to select a few stories from the bible but one important story that was missing was the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God did use him to save the world.

The God Helps Me Bible is the perfect size bible for younger readers with its hard cover and sturdy pages. Any child will like taking it with them to Sunday school or read during morning devotion. The book is not only colorful and has bold pictures that helps bring the stories to life, but the text is easy to read. I liked that it has scripture references at the end of each story.

Overall, it is a well written book that would capture the attention of any child.



FTC Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from Kregel Publications in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion in any way.

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