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Book Review/Giveaway: As One Devil To Another by Richard Platt. Ends April 27th, 2012


As One Devil To Another by Richard Platt

About the Book: As One Devil to Another is an astonishing debut work that C. S. Lewis’s biographer and foremost Lewis authority Walter Hooper calls “a stunning achievement, the finest example of the genre of diabolical correspondence to appear since this genre was popularized by C. S. Lewis.” Enter into this chilling and diabolical tale, one that reveals the very tricks and strategies of Hell. Through a series of letters between devils created by Platt, senior devil Slashreap trains his young protégé, Scardagger, to win an individual soul away from Heaven and into their clutches. As the devils plot their way to triumph, they reveal the spiritual dangers and risks we face in today’s society. Their frighteningly accurate perspective on issues such as contemporary technology and sexual mores is interwoven with timeless matters such as the power of prayer, the purpose of suffering, and the promises held out by Heaven . . . and Hell. Destined to become a modern classic, As One Devil to Another is a brilliantly written, deeply unsettling perspective on twenty-first-century society . . . a glimpse of ourselves through the eyes of those who have embraced their underworldly existence.

My Review: A fiendish correspondence in the tradition of C. S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters.

This book is about a series of letters from Slashreap, the loving uncle and mentor to his nephew Scardagger. This book takes you on a journey into the heart of hell, an insight into the mind of the devils and their plans to keep humans from God.

In a letter to Scardagger, Slashreap selected a female as Scardagger first client, a postgraduate from a prestigious university. The plan was for Scardagger to exploit her prosperity, good health and her happiness. 

Their plan is to try as hard as they can to win souls away from God and into their clutches through technology. Slashreap talked about how they can use technology such as television, cell phones, computers, games, current social issues and the creation of reality TV to distract people from God. Slashreap did say, “And so to television. Ah, even the word is music to the ears of every Devil. It is perhaps our greatest triumph in the last five decades.”  

The funny part of this book was when Scardagger is unable to carry out the tasks set by Slashreap and from time to time Slashreap got frustrated.

I really didn’t care for this book but it was an interesting read.  If you are a fan of C.S. Lewis you may enjoy it.

Pages: 208

Disclaimer: As per FTC guidelines, I received a copy of As One Devil to Another from Tyndale House publishers in exchange for my honest review. I received no monetary compensation. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.

Bio of Richard Platt

Richard Platt has been in love with words and the music of language all his life, but he did not begin writing until his early forties. He is a contributor to the literary quarterly Slightly Foxed and was a finalist for a 2012 San Diego Foundation Creative Catalyst Fellowship for his one-man play, Ripples From Walden Pond: An Evening with Henry David Thoreau. As One Devil to Another, his first novel, is dedicated in grateful homage to C. S. Lewis. Richard and his wife, Susan, live in California.

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  1. Hi! This books sounds very interesting. I like the concepts and themes shown in the book. I think it is very relevant to the 21st century, where technology is becoming more dominant- which could be used for good or bad. I can’t wait to read this book! Thank you~ Victoria

    Comment by rawveganincollege | April 13, 2012 | Reply

  2. I read the screwtape letters and really enjoyed it so I know I would enjoy this. And the fact that it brings in the idea of technology makes it even alittle more interesting

    Comment by Anne | April 13, 2012 | Reply

  3. I am a fan of C. S. Lewis so this may be a book that I would like. From your review it sounds like religion plays a big part in this book (another Lewis favorite) along with having the bad guys try to keep regular humans from heaven. It would be interesting to find out what Platt’s take on technology’s influence in our society. Will this book be available as an ebook? Interesting if it will be. Thanks for making it available to us.

    Comment by puttputt1198eve | April 13, 2012 | Reply

  4. It does sound amusing that such blatantly evil characters would have difficulty fulfilling their dastardly goal. Kind of makes them seem human in a way. There is also no doubt that some truth exists in the notion of modern technology distracting us from our spiritual selves. Thanks for letting me know about this interesting book.

    Comment by carlrscott | April 13, 2012 | Reply

  5. I would like to learn more about the techniques the devils employ to lure souls away from God. I think this book could provide good moral lessons regardless of one’s religion.

    Comment by likwan | April 27, 2012 | Reply

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