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Illustrator David Geister/3 Books Giveaway. Ends March 21st

About the Illustrator: David Geister is an artist whose love of the natural beauty of the land and fascination with his country’s history is celebrated in his work. He creates landscapes, portraits and depictions of historic events in a variety of mediums…oil on canvas, pen and ink drawings and watercolor sketches done in a nineteenth-century style.

As a child growing up at the confluence of theMississippiandSt. Croixrivers inPrescott,Wisconsin, Dave became immersed in the works of Mark Twain and Bruce Catton, and when he wasn’t reading or reenacting battles with toy soldiers, he was drawing. As a young man, four years of service in the United States Marine Corps left him with a deep appreciation for the drama of American history and the desire to tell those stories.

Dave has worked for a number of years as an illustrator, and his paintings have been featured in The Saturday Evening Post and several issues of The History Channel Magazine. His illustrations can be found in The Legend of Minnesota, The Legend of Wisconsin, The Voyageur’s Paddle, and Riding to Washington, children’s picture books published by Sleeping Bear Press.

The Minnesota Historical Society has called upon Dave’s skills as a historical artist and interpreter for many of its sites throughout the state. He can occasionally be glimpsed in costume as one of the early inhabitants ofMinnesota’s Historic Fort Snelling, where he enjoys portraying the surgeon as well as the frontier artists Seth Eastman and George Catlin.

Dave lives in Minneapolis, Minnesotawith his dear wife, Pat Bauer, and his lovely stepdaughters, Eva and Allison, who share his love of history and art.

My review about David Geister the artist/illustrator

David Geister is a gifted and skillful historical artist. His paintings are very inspirational and human-like. David captures the facts and feelings of each story which shows in his paintings that helps brings each story to life.

The illustrations are vibrant, bold and beautiful with incredible attention to details which helps to bring the story to life. Every child and adults will find these books educational and engaging to read.

Great job David!

Books illustrated by David Geister


About Patricia Bauer wife of David Geister and author of B is for Battle Cry: A Civil War Alphabet:

I am what is often referred to as a “veteran” teacher, which means that I’ve been around for a very long time!! My passions include history, music, art and literature, and I try to share those with my students by dressing in costume, singing songs, reading picture books, sharing art, showing videos of me in costume shooting a musket…and anything else that I can think of to catch their interest. I have never yet had a student say, “Can we read Chapter Ten again?” but I frequently hear, “When can we sing that song again?” or, “Are you going to read to us today?” To read more about the author click

About the Book: B is for Battle Cry: A Civil War Alphabet takes readers on a journey into one of the most important chapters of our nation’s past. For four years our young country’s sense of self and citizenry was shaken to the core as North and South battled each other. B is for Battle Cry takes readers to life historic battles (Antietam and Gettysburg), introduces renowned leaders (Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee), explores inventions (ironclad ship and Gatling gun), and delves into  inspiring events and documents (the Gettysburg Address and the Emancipation Proclamation). From the first shot fired at Fort Sumter to Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Court House, B is for Battle Cry brings this nation-defining time period to vivid life.

Paintings By David Geister

My Review: B is for Battle Cry: A Civil War Alphabet: The beautifully illustrations of this book take readers on an A –Z journey into the Civil War, introducing them to the renowned leaders, historic battles, inspiring events and documents of the Civil War.

A is for Abraham Lincoln and his history of becoming the 16th president of theUnited States.  H is for Hardtack, the soldiers each received 10 pieces of hardtack as part of heir daily rations. S is for Spies, Wild Rose was a lady who spied for the South. I highly recommend this book for classroom reading.

Books Spotlight


S Is for Scientists: A Discovery Alphabet written by Larry Verstraete


Paintings by David Geister

About the Book: What clutter-busting need was behind the invention of the World Wide Web? Which stain-fighting chemical got its start when a lab assistant dropped a beaker on a lab floor? In S is for Scientists: A Discovery Alphabet, the origins behind some of the most important scientific discoveries are explored.

Riding to Washington written by Gwenyth Swain


Paintings by David Geister

About the Book: Young Janie is a troublemaker, forced to go along with her father to the March onWashington in August 1963. She’s never spent much time before with blacks—who seem from the TV news reports to be troublemakers, too. Now, as one of the few whites on a bus headed to Washington, Janie sees her fellow travelers encountering discrimination. Ultimately she decides that some trouble is well worth making.

FTC Disclosure: I received a review copy of these books from the illustrator in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion in any way.


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