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Book Review/Giveaway: My Monster Burrufu. Ends Feb 11th

My Monster Burrufu by Alberto Corral and illustrated by Alessandra Sorrentino

About the Book: Seven-year-old Olivia has just moved to a new house, the same house where a lonely monster named Burrufu lives hidden in a secret attic. One night, unable to resist the smell of delicious cookies, Burrufu sneaks out and is discovered by Olivia. The two soon learn that you can find friendship in the most unexpected places. ‘My Monster Burrufu’ is a story of overcoming fear, a curse, and a most unusual monster who learns from a little girl how to trust his heart.

My Review: Olivia and her dad left the big city to live in a big house in the country. In the new house Olivia felt something moved in the attic. That night while Olivia was in the kitchen she encounters Burrufu the monster. A talking monster that wears glasses and writes! It turns out that Burrufu isn’t a scary monster and Olivia couldn’t wait to befriend this monster, but he just wanted to be left alone in the attic to write his stories.

My Monster Burrufu is a well written book that would hold any child’s attention. A perfect read for children to learn the value of true friendship between two different personalities but also accepting each other and overcoming fear. This book is full of exciting adventures and I highly recommend it.

Ages: 9 and up

Pages: 102

Disclaimer: As per FTC guidelines, I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I received no monetary compensation. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.

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  1. This books sounds amazing especially since lots of kids are afraid of monsters whether they are in the closet, or attic. My 2 year old is afraid of them and this book sounds like it could really help her. Every creak in the house she thinks is the monster coming to get her.

    Comment by Liz | January 26, 2012 | Reply

  2. I like that two different characters became friends. Sounds like a great book.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

    Comment by domestic diva | January 26, 2012 | Reply

  3. I love the imagination it took to create a book like this – my kudos to its author, Alberto Corral. A monster who wears glasses and writes stories, and who cannot resist the smell of baking cookies, hmmmm, sounds like we have a loveable character in the making, like Ferdinand the Bull.

    Oops, I also don’t want to forget to mention Alessandra Sorrentino’s charming illustrations – the contrast from behind of Burrufu and Olivia walking together, her holding his big ‘ole paw claw is very endearing.

    Comment by Jane Bellomy | January 26, 2012 | Reply

  4. You can definitely see the animator in the illustrations above. These kind of illustrations seem very appealing. I like the fact that the monster is wearing glasses, I enjoy those kind of humorous touches. They also make for a good book talk for me to share with my students.

    Comment by Heidi Grange | January 26, 2012 | Reply

  5. Sounds like a wonderful story of friendship. I love that the author adds the differences between the two, since that’s how life is : )

    Comment by lisa | January 27, 2012 | Reply

  6. Stories like this with different characters and so distinct are great reads for kids. I love when a story sets out to show that we may look different but love and friendship are very special, if not more so. Great for kids like a couple of my grandkids who are still afraid of noises in the dark. Alberto certainly is a talented animater and writer. Thanks again for a chance to win. Commented on interview.

    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

    Comment by Carol L. | January 27, 2012 | Reply

  7. This would be a good book for my daughter. She gets afraid alone in her room at night.

    Comment by Jeryl M. | January 27, 2012 | Reply

  8. For starters, the cover illustration draws me in and shows the friendship between Olivia and Burrufu. I love the message of finding friendships in unexpected places.

    Comment by Teresa Young | January 28, 2012 | Reply

  9. I love any monster type of book. They seem to hold my Special Edu students attention better than a nonfiction book that has “color pictures” lol It is great that it is about friendship. We can make a theme out of this!

    Comment by trista | February 1, 2012 | Reply

  10. I like that this books shows that people can be different and still be best friends…a great thing to teach kids 🙂

    Comment by Kristie | February 1, 2012 | Reply

  11. A monster book for slightly older kids, love it! How exciting to form a friendship with a monster.

    Comment by Larissa brunken | February 7, 2012 | Reply

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