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Book Review and Giveaway: The Fuzzy Fella. Ends Nov 13th


The Fuzzy Fella by Natascha  Taylor

You know, as mad and crazy as he is, the  Fuzzy Fella can be a bit shy at times. But the truth is, believe me, he can be brave enough and strong enough to seriously save the world. That is, if you can find him. And if you do, be sure to sing it from the top of the nearest mountain!

My Review: You wouldn’t want to know what I thought when I first read this book. I have to read it a second time to understand what Fuzzy Fella was about…LOL! This book is mysterious but it’s one that you will find charming. The story is told in rhymes. Fuzzy Fella likes to grow and stay around and sometimes vanished as quickly into thin air. Sometimes you will look for him and he isn’t there. You could find him in your stomach, or on your finger or arm in arm walking you down to be wed but can not be contained.

So who is this Fuzzy Fella, could he be your vision of love? Well, you have to buy your own copy to find out. Like the book said, a very true story for little kids, big kids and grown ups. Illustrations are funny looking but it does tell the story.

FTC Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion in any way.

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  1. The Fuzzy Fella sounds like it’s really cute. I think kids will get a kick out of imagining if THEY have a Fuzzy Fella and where he is.

    Comment by Patsy Hagen | October 29, 2011 | Reply

  2. OHHHH now you have me wondering what the fuzzy fella is? I wanna read it I do I do I do!
    Any hints? Just one itty bitty one?
    I think my kids will love figuring out the mystery with me.

    Comment by larissa brunken | October 29, 2011 | Reply

    • Larissa read your comment the hint is in it…LOL!

      Comment by mymcbooks | October 29, 2011 | Reply

  3. The review was just vague enough to peak my interest. I appreciated the honesty that it took the reviewer two times to fully “get” the story. I will definitely check this book out.

    Suzanne Purvis

    Comment by Suzanne | October 30, 2011 | Reply

  4. I already have a ton of ideas on how I could use this in my classroom!!!! I love books like this!!!

    Jennifer Sternberg

    Comment by Jen @ X-treme Readers | October 30, 2011 | Reply

  5. Sounds Cute and interesting! Would love to share with my kiddos!

    Comment by Brandie Graham | October 30, 2011 | Reply

  6. I know my kids would really enjoy this , Just the title sounds cute and warm feeling !!!
    Crystal Trent Dotson

    Comment by Crystal Trent Dotson | October 31, 2011 | Reply

  7. That sounded interesting enough to pique my curiosity. Thanks for your candid review. The book sounds sweet and fun.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

    Comment by domestic diva | October 31, 2011 | Reply

  8. i love that the book is a bit mysterious. hope we get the opportunity to read it!
    annsavd at gmail dot com

    Comment by anne s. | October 31, 2011 | Reply

  9. so I am not sure what to say because your review doesnt tell me much but maybe that is on purpose? I am curious!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

    Comment by wendy wallach | November 1, 2011 | Reply

    • Didn’t want to give the whole story away…lol!

      Comment by mymcbooks | November 1, 2011 | Reply

  10. I need to win this book because I have to find out who the Fuzzy Fella is!! I think my son would really love reading this book along with, me too! Your description sounds really interesting and leaves me wanting more! Thanks for the opportunity!


    Comment by Penny Kathleen | November 12, 2011 | Reply

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