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Book Review: Friends

Friends by Patty Fee Yates.

Did you ever feel like you didn’t have any friends? If you look around you, you might be surprised to find there are more friends than you thought.

This is what young Jack discovers as he sets out for a walk one day. He feels sad and sorry for himself being all alone on his parents’ farm. But as his walk continues, he finds more and more creatures who feel just as lonely as he does. As the group grows in size, they start to learn that their differences do not matter and they all have something to offer one another. Join Jack and his growing troop of friends as their journey continues and they learn more about one another—and themselves.

My Review: This review for me is different from all my other reviews. Why? I didn’t feel that the story was believable. Animals are never alone. And why would Jack and the other animals who happen to be boys not want Birdie Lou to join the group, wasn’t she lonely as well? Birdie didn’t have to sing to join their group. For a copy visit

I received a complimentary copy of (Book Title) as a member of the Dorrance Publishing Book Review Team.Visit  to learn how you can become a member of the Book Review Team.



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