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Book Review & Giveaway: A Hummingbird’s Story: How I Came to Be

“A Hummingbird’s Story: How I Came to Be” provides you and your child the opportunity to witness one of nature’s miracles. Samantha, a young female Costa hummingbird, shares her story of how “she came to be.” This tiny bird tells her own story of how she pecked her way into this world and then learned the lessons needed to survive outside the nest. In her delightful manner, Samantha begins by introducing her parents and then describing her home, the nest that her mother so painstakingly constructed. New vocabulary words are introduced and defined. Imaginations stretch as children ponder thought- provoking “Did you know?” facts. Written by an educator, “A Hummingbird’s Story: How I Came to Be” combines science content, real photographs taken of the event, and simulated narration by the hummingbird herself to make this book a vital addition to a child’s or teacher’s bookshelf. Parents, teachers, librarians, and especially children will witness the beginning of this tiny bird’s life as though they were there in person.

My Review: A great story about the birth and life of a Hummingbird with amazing photos taken by the Author Barbara Kurtz. She tells an excellent story from the birth of Samantha and her brother till they leave the nest their mother built. She outlines the type of hummingbird as Costas and how the hummingbird mothers are very particular about their nests, spending days protecting their eggs till they are hatched and providing them with food till they are old enough to fly and leave the nest.

This is a perfect book for teachers to teach their student about the nature of birds. A must have for a teacher’s classroom.

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  1. How the hummingbird came to be is truly a miracle, I’d love to win this book.

    Comment by Steph | June 5, 2011 | Reply

  2. I am curious about the hummingbird now. I don’t know much about birds, but I love art so I’m guessing I could enjoy and learn with my kids.

    Subscribe to your blog via email:-)

    lmbrunken {AT} gmail {DOT} com

    Comment by larissa | June 5, 2011 | Reply

  3. subscriber I would love to read about the hummingbird, my friend is crazy about birs and would love to read this with me.

    Comment by Krystal Larson | June 5, 2011 | Reply

  4. we have a beautiful green hummingbird that comes to our porch. I don’t know much about them but they are so fun to watch. It always surprises me when it comes to the window by my writing desk, and is a pleasant distraction.

    Comment by Terri Forehand | June 5, 2011 | Reply

  5. We are always talking about the birds we see outside. My son & daughter’s favorites (as are mine) are the bluejay and cardinal, but we haven’t yet seen a hummingbird up close. We all would love to learn more about this beautiful bird. It would be truly wonderful to win.

    Comment by Maria Malaveci | June 5, 2011 | Reply

  6. My grandson is a bird fanatic, so he would be enthralled with this book. He would love to read it to his younger sisters. I think the idea of the story being told from the birds point of view is intriguing.

    I’m a subscriber

    tmyoung at rochester dot rr dot com

    Comment by Teresa Young | June 5, 2011 | Reply

  7. I think the Hummingbird is one of the most amazing of God’s creations. I would love to read this book myself. However, I am truly hoping for a win for my children’s reading group. LLM 96 (AT) AOL (DOT) com

    Comment by Laura McLendon | June 6, 2011 | Reply

  8. My son loves birds, but we dont have any hummingbirds around. I know he would love to learn from this book (email subscriber)

    Comment by lisa w. | June 6, 2011 | Reply

  9. When my niece was little, she LOVED picture books as most infants do. On a whim one time, I shared with her a book which identified common birds by their colors. It had wonderfully detailed pictures but it was actually an “adult” book. Low and behold SHE LOVED IT! I had to buy a copy for my sister-in-law because my niece was always asking to look at it. Imagine my shock and surprise when my 1.5 year old niece could recite the names of birds just by looking at the pictures!

    I wish a book like this was around at that time as I’m sure she would have fallen completely in love with it. (She’s 9 now.)

    My son has several evergreen bushes outside his nursery window. This spring, a mama-cardinal sat vigil on her nest in one of the bushes and we greeted her every morning when we opened his blinds. Hopefully she’ll be back next year to nest in the bushes there. And while this book is not about cardinals, I’m sure the lessons would translate perfectly.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

    Lori B
    LBrouse1 at gmail dot com

    Comment by Lori B | June 6, 2011 | Reply

  10. Every once in a while we see hummingbirds in our backyard, and my children are fascinated with them. They are truly beautiful creatures.

    Comment by AEKZ2 | June 6, 2011 | Reply

  11. I have always loved humming birds and we have quite a few that come and drink from our feeders. This book would be great to have and include it in a special day with the grand children where we could learn and then watch the real ones.
    Excellent review by the way, Ella.
    I’m a subscriber.

    Comment by Grace | June 6, 2011 | Reply

  12. What an interesting read for the curious minds of children. I imagine the pictures would be just as entertaining. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Carol L

    Comment by Carol L. | June 7, 2011 | Reply

  13. This book would be perfect for my sister-in-law who homeschools her 4 children. They love nature and would love to read about this fascinating animal.
    mearley1979 at gmail dot com

    Comment by Megan | June 7, 2011 | Reply

  14. I would love to win a copy of this book. My mother has always loved hummingbirds and my young nephews (4 and 6) love animals, especially those that fly such as butterflies and birds so they would enjoy sharing this book with each other. I too, love hummingbirds. They are just cute, cool little birds who are so much fun to watch. I would love to find out more about them. Thank you so much for this giveaway. I follow by email.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

    Comment by June M. | June 8, 2011 | Reply

  15. Thanks to all who took part in the Hummingbird;s Story: How I Came to Be Free Giveraway Drawing. This winner of the drawing is

    #8 – Lisa W – Congratulations!!!

    Comment by mymcbooks | June 14, 2011 | Reply

  16. I have been very blessed to watch a little hummingbird family, right out side my kitchen window from eggs to today – one of the little hummers took it’s maiden flight. I have documented the last six weeks with some pictures and missed the little on perched on the edge of its nest to fly away by a few seconds, darn! The other one is in the nest by its self. I wonder if it is lonely and misses its mate who until a few hours ago shared the nest together for the last six weeks! This morning before I left the house, they were billowing over the tiny nest with their feathers hanging over the sides – a sign it was time to leave. I wonder if they will cross feeders someday and share their World traveled stories. The Mom was keeping a watchful eye on the hummer left behind but now is gone. I hope she will return to call her little chick and encourage it out of the nest. Maybe she is out teaching the new baby how to feed and will return later in the day. It has been a wonderful amazing experience to watch all of this – just out my kitchen window. She build her nest on a camilla bush branch in the corner of my courtyard – hidden out of the way very well.

    Comment by Sherry Chrstensen | July 24, 2011 | Reply

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