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Interview with Author Renee Hand

We are glad to welcome Renee Hand to Mymcbook Blog

Author of the The Crypto-Capers Series as well as the Joe-Joe Nut Series 



Renee Hand writes because it is a passion in her heart. She is a home school parent and likes to create books that educate and inspire the children of today. She was born in Michigan and still lives there with her husband and two children. She has a degree in Zoology with a minor in Chemistry. Renee is the author of the amazing mystery series known as the Crypto-Capers series that encourages children to read by incorporating several topics of interest.


What was the last book you read?

I just finished reading Psion Beta by Jacob McGowan for a book review.

What were your earliest memories of writing?

I’ve been writing for over 25 years. I started writing when I was around 9 or 10. Writing for me was a way to express my feelings and ideas.

Were you encouraged to write or was it something that came natural?

Writing was something that came naturally to me. I was always good in my English and Language Arts classes and I spent most of my time as a child writing and reading books, just like I do now.

Are you working on a new book?

Yes, I am currently working on book 5 of my Crypto-Capers Series, The Peacock Diaries, which will be coming out in the fall. In this story the Crypto-Capers are going to England in search of a missing inventor who leaves them clues about the true identity of the Panther, who is the main villain in the series. Many obstacles are thrown in their path, and a truth is revealed that will haunt them all.

What do you do when you’re not writing or promoting your books?

I am homeschooling my children, tennis coaching and working.

How did you come up with your characters

Well, I was at my uncle’s birthday party and my cousin, Joe, came up to me telling me about this great idea he had. He had an idea for a character named Joe-Joe who goes on all of these different adventures. Joe-Joe goes skiing, and so on. Throughout the entire night he kept coming up to me and telling me and my family about his idea and that we were going to make millions. Well, at the time I was already thinking about creating a younger mystery series because of the many requests I was receiving from my fans with younger children whose children weren’t ready for my older Crypto-Capers Series yet.  For me, it is all about education, so I knew that I wanted to have school themes, but who were going to be the characters? The more I thought about it the more I thought that my cousin was on to something with Joe-Joe. As crazy as it sounded I could make this work. So I began to think of a story. But, Joe-Joe has to have a partner. The question was—who? It just so happened that I was spending time with my uncles who, for some reason, always call each other Biscuit. Biscuit head, everybody’s a biscuit. Well, from that I got Joe-Joes partner, Biscuit Bill. So Joe-Joe Nut is a squirrel and Biscuit Bill is a duck. One inspired by my cousin, the other my uncles. That is how I came up with my characters for my Joe-Joe Nut Adventure Series.

What advice would you give parents on selecting the right books for their children to read?

I think parents should pick books that they think will interest their child, benefit them in some way, and is appropriate for them. I am very picky about what my children read and they are big readers. It usually involves us reading the books together or me first. If I don’t find it appropriate, they don’t read it. If I love it, I’m buying every book that author writes. There are many great books out there by known and unknown authors. But there are so many books out there, especially certain chapter books, where the content is questionable. I designed all of my books so that they educate the reader, inspiring them in wanting to learn more about a topic and to think more for themselves about why things happen the way that they do, so problem solving, really. I write children’s mysteries so I always try to involve the reader, challenging them. I love doing that. My books are science and history based in some way and do fit many national standards, so they can be used to supplement discussion in a classroom. 

What advice you would give to new writers?

If writing is a passion for you, keep doing it. Writing is a way of expression. Let it surround you and bathe you in its challenges. Even though I’ve been writing for 25 years, I’m not perfect. I have grown much over the years as a writer. The more you write the more you will improve and the more you are open to what you are doing wrong, the stronger your writing will become.   

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I am going on a blog tour this month as well as in June. Readers can visit my website at for my tour schedule during those months. It is under my blog tour page. I am also doing giveaways for my new release. Information about the giveaways can be found there as well. Readers who have children who love to collect rocks or minerals or if you are a teacher wanting rock collections for your classroom will enjoy what I am offering. I am offering some great stuff. I also have a blog at where I review children’s books as well. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I greatly appreciate it. It has been a pleasure.

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  1. Very interesting interview. I love the idea of a series titled the Crypto-Capers. Will have to get this one and
    read it.

    Margot’s Magic Carpet – Books with a WOW factor!

    Comment by Margot Finke | April 8, 2011 | Reply

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful review. I appreciate it!

    Comment by Renee Hand | April 8, 2011 |

    Comment by mymcbooks | April 15, 2011 | Reply

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